11 October 2011

TAGGED: 44 facts about myself

I don't find anything about me interesting, but ok. I don't remember the ones I did before so if they repeat... Just pretend you didn't know.


Fact 1: I am Islam.
Fact 2: I'm a CAT lover. Dammit, I LOVE CATS!!
Fact 3: I can't drive any car. I can't tell the difference between break and clutch. They all look the same to me.
Fact 4: I wanted to go to Japan someday.
Fact 5: My favorite music is mostly acoustic, but listen to everything from hardcore metal to classical.
Fact 6: Linkin Park fans since 2002.
Fact 7: I lie a lot to people I hate.
Fact 8: I have never done or tried drugs or cigarettes.
Fact 9: I've never been drunk nor do I ever want to be.
Fact 10: An incident taught me that once someone is a backstabber, they forever will be.
Fact 11: I'm not going to rub the fact that I'm not single in someone's face.
Fact 12: I hate people who moan about their life nonstop.
Fact 13: I can say that I don't care what people think about me, but truthfully, I care so damn much.
Fact 14: Most favorite quote; "LOVE ME OR HATE ME, I'M STILL GONNA SHINE"
Fact 15: Current favorite story; Koibito No Ryu
Fact 16: Crab is my favorite food.
Fact 17: My whole life involves in art, mainly writing.
Fact 18: I have one fake Facebook account, used for stalking purposes.
Fact 19: I wear tudung.
Fact 20: I have a high metabolism, which is why it's hard for me to gain weight.
Fact 21: Half of my Facebook 'friends', I never know they're existed. 
Fact 22: I like movies with Lindsay Lohan in it. She's a bad influence, I know, I just like the movies.
Fact 23: I have three older brothers, one older sister, one younger sister and one sister in law.
Fact 24: I wear a fake emotion mask on my face almost all the time.
Fact 25: I can be a great actress when I wanted to. You can never know when I'm pissed off, sad or wanted to rolling on the floor laughing like crazy.
Fact 26: I am not a good friends. I talk bad behind you. Ask the others, they'd tell you the truth.
Fact 27: I love my parents. Yeah they're controlling my life whatsoever but that's what parents do.
Fact 28: I have a newly found addiction, namely contact lens.
Fact 29: I am straight.
Fact 30: The only sibling I'm close to is my older sister.
Fact 31: I am running out of things to think of.
Fact 32: That awkward moment when people I really hate, tried to talk to me like we're BFF. I wanted so badly to avoid that.
Fact 33: I hate when someone judge people without getting to know them.
Fact 34: I am never fitted into any cliques besides the circle of my friend. We have our own style.
Fact 35: I love karaoke with my friends.
Fact 36: I am a good listener, but I'm not really good at giving advices.
Fact 37: I like to watch punk-look boy plays piano.
Fact 38: I loathe emo or goth wannabe.
Fact 39: I never cried in front of other people unless the reason is known by everyone e.g deaths of family
Fact 40: I never mind other people's business... unless they're my bestfriend.
Fact 41: Blue is my favorite color. Second choice is black or white.
Fact 42: I believe in true love.
Fact 43: Believe in happy endings, but I prefer to read stories with sad endings XD
Fact 44: I'm stopping at 44 because 4 is my favorite number.

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09 October 2011

3 things?

Saje je nk jawab soalan. xde keje la katekan. huhu

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1 : Get married. Ape tgk2? Aku pun nk tau gak sape bakal suami aku!!! (Kairi: Ehem2, aku ni sape?) eh, errr...
2 : Go to Japan.
3 : Get published (book, duhhh)

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1 : Hands
2 : Fingers
3 : Body curve?

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1 : Quiet
2 : Weird
3 : Insane

Three Things That Scare You:
1 : Worms, maggots and the likes (EWWWW)
2 : Death (duhhh)
3 : My own toes (don't ask)

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1 : Laugh
2 : Sleep
3 : Online

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1 : Ankle bracelets
2 : Knee-length jeans dress
3 : Legging

Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
1 : Linkin Park (All time)
2 : Tokio Hotel (Most recent)
3 : Secondhand Serenade (Occasionally)

Three Of Your Favorite Songs:
1 : Half Alive (Secondhand Serenade)
2 : In Die Nacht (Tokio Hotel)
3 : Back To December (Taylor Swift)

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1 : Love
2 : Respect
3 : Honesty

Two Truths And A Lie:
1 : I am Lola Bunny.
2 : I am addicted to online reading.
3 : I loves cat.

Three Physical Things About The Preferred Sex That Appeal To You:
1 : Super tall.
2 : Always smile.
3 : Broad-shouldered. (Kairi: Err....)

Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1 : Writing
2 : Reading
3 :Gaming

Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
1 : Writer
2 : Teacher
3 : Books translator.

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
2 : Paris
3 : London

Three Names You Like:
1 : Kairi XD
2 : Yuri
3 :Darrel

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Boy:
1 : I have a short hair
2 : I'm not into cheesy happy ending sappy romance stories
3 : I am a gamers

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
1 : Sensitive / emotional
2 : I loves shopping (Tapi duit selalu xde)
3 : Pakai tudung. Bahase inggeris nye ape ha? hehe

07 October 2011

Most recent favorite song

Secondhand Serenade - Half Alive

It's four AM, I'm waking up to your perfume
Don't get up, I'll get through on my own
I don't know if I'm home
Or if I lost the way into your room
I'm spiraling into my doom
I'm feeling half alive but I know one day
You and I will be free,

To live and die by our own rules,
Despite the fact that men are fools

I'm almost alive, and I need you to try
And save me.
It's okay that we're dying,
But I need to survive tonight, tonight.

Well excuse me while I get killed softly,
Heart slows down and I can hardly tell you I'm okay
At least 'til yesterday,
You know you got me off my highest guard,
Believe me when I say it's hard.
We'll get through this tonight
And I know one day you and I will be free

To live and die by our own rules,
Despite the fact that men are fools.

I'm almost alive, and I need you to try
And save me.
It's okay that we're dying,
But I need to survive tonight, tonight.

And you touch my hand ever so slightly
(Girl we're not ready for this yet)
And the deadly look she cast upon me
I won't regret, I won't regret
I won't regret. I won't regret...

And I was trying to disappear,
But you got me wrapped around you
I can hardly breathe without you
I was trying to disappear
But I got lost in your eyes now,
You brought me down to size now.

I'm almost alive
And I need you to try and save me.
It's okay that we're dying
But I need to survive tonight, tonight

I'm almost alive, and I need you to try
And save me.
It's okay that we're dying,
But I need to survive tonight, tonight.
I need to survive tonight, tonight

Sensitif ke aku?

 Hi viewers.

Aku nk bagitau satu perkataan yg paling aku anti. paling buat aku kecik ati. satu perkataan yg boleh buat aku menangis kalau org yg aku sanjung cakap aku macam tu.


hari ni sorang yg aku sanjung, sorang yang aku kagum panggil aku sombong bodoh. mungkin dia da geram sangat kat aku sebab aku degil dan pemalas, tp perlu ke perkataan tu? aku boleh tahan lagi kalau dia panggil aku pemalas, sebab aku memang pemalas, tp perlu ke perkataan sombong bodoh tu? dan perkataan tu ditujukan pada aku sorang. "Orang jenis sombong bodoh macam awak la Salbiah." sebab aku x jawab soalan yg dia anggap senang. aku memang x pernah buat soalan yg dia bg, tp aku sumpah aku baca bahagian tu. tp x semua, dan aku x nk jawab sebab nanti dia mengamuk kalau jawab separuh muka surat je.

hanya kerana aku penah jd bdk sains, dia anggap aku bdk pandai. dia tau x, walaupun aku bdk sains, subjek sains aku yg paling hampir fail teruk.

aku terkilan sgt. aku nk nangis time tu jgk, tp ramai org ade.

kalau aku tau td, baik aku x payah dtg sekola. biarla nk bagi surat amaran ke, sijil berhenti tulis kelakuan sederhana ke, aku x kisah. aku xnk kene panggil camtu.

dia ulang2 perkataan tu pada aku. lebih 3 kali.

perkataan yg keluar dr mulut dia biasanya masin.

mungkin aku perempuan, sebab tu aku senang sgt menangis psl bende2 camni, tp perkataan tu byk bwk kenangan buruk pd aku.

Korang semua, tolong jaga perkataan yg korang sebut. korang x tau kalau2 org yang korang tujukan tu jenis yg sgt sensitif.

kwn2 aku semua ckp aku sempoi, siap salam2 lg lepas abis kene marah, tp sebenarnye x. aku rase nk nangis time tu jgk, tp aku hormat kat dia. aku still kagum kt dia. dia jarang keluarkan perkataan camtu.

aku jarang kecik ati ngan org, tp sekali aku terase, lame aku akan ingat. tp siapala aku. pangkat dia lg besar.

aku mungkin x terase sgt kalau dia cuma bg teguran. tp yg buat aku lg rase nk menangis, sebab lepas dia marah aku, dia puji backstabber aku. x habis2 sebut name si backstabber ni. kalau la dia tau perangai sebenar makhluk Allah yg sorang ni, entah apa la dia ckp. mungkin still backup favorite student dia kot?

Please, ape yg korang bace, habis kat sini. jgn sebut pd aku lg kecuali kalau korang bestfriend aku.