11 October 2011

TAGGED: 44 facts about myself

I don't find anything about me interesting, but ok. I don't remember the ones I did before so if they repeat... Just pretend you didn't know.


Fact 1: I am Islam.
Fact 2: I'm a CAT lover. Dammit, I LOVE CATS!!
Fact 3: I can't drive any car. I can't tell the difference between break and clutch. They all look the same to me.
Fact 4: I wanted to go to Japan someday.
Fact 5: My favorite music is mostly acoustic, but listen to everything from hardcore metal to classical.
Fact 6: Linkin Park fans since 2002.
Fact 7: I lie a lot to people I hate.
Fact 8: I have never done or tried drugs or cigarettes.
Fact 9: I've never been drunk nor do I ever want to be.
Fact 10: An incident taught me that once someone is a backstabber, they forever will be.
Fact 11: I'm not going to rub the fact that I'm not single in someone's face.
Fact 12: I hate people who moan about their life nonstop.
Fact 13: I can say that I don't care what people think about me, but truthfully, I care so damn much.
Fact 14: Most favorite quote; "LOVE ME OR HATE ME, I'M STILL GONNA SHINE"
Fact 15: Current favorite story; Koibito No Ryu
Fact 16: Crab is my favorite food.
Fact 17: My whole life involves in art, mainly writing.
Fact 18: I have one fake Facebook account, used for stalking purposes.
Fact 19: I wear tudung.
Fact 20: I have a high metabolism, which is why it's hard for me to gain weight.
Fact 21: Half of my Facebook 'friends', I never know they're existed. 
Fact 22: I like movies with Lindsay Lohan in it. She's a bad influence, I know, I just like the movies.
Fact 23: I have three older brothers, one older sister, one younger sister and one sister in law.
Fact 24: I wear a fake emotion mask on my face almost all the time.
Fact 25: I can be a great actress when I wanted to. You can never know when I'm pissed off, sad or wanted to rolling on the floor laughing like crazy.
Fact 26: I am not a good friends. I talk bad behind you. Ask the others, they'd tell you the truth.
Fact 27: I love my parents. Yeah they're controlling my life whatsoever but that's what parents do.
Fact 28: I have a newly found addiction, namely contact lens.
Fact 29: I am straight.
Fact 30: The only sibling I'm close to is my older sister.
Fact 31: I am running out of things to think of.
Fact 32: That awkward moment when people I really hate, tried to talk to me like we're BFF. I wanted so badly to avoid that.
Fact 33: I hate when someone judge people without getting to know them.
Fact 34: I am never fitted into any cliques besides the circle of my friend. We have our own style.
Fact 35: I love karaoke with my friends.
Fact 36: I am a good listener, but I'm not really good at giving advices.
Fact 37: I like to watch punk-look boy plays piano.
Fact 38: I loathe emo or goth wannabe.
Fact 39: I never cried in front of other people unless the reason is known by everyone e.g deaths of family
Fact 40: I never mind other people's business... unless they're my bestfriend.
Fact 41: Blue is my favorite color. Second choice is black or white.
Fact 42: I believe in true love.
Fact 43: Believe in happy endings, but I prefer to read stories with sad endings XD
Fact 44: I'm stopping at 44 because 4 is my favorite number.

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