25 January 2012

Sebab2 aku x suke Twilight

Twilight bukan la movie favorite aku, tp kawan aku, Nabila suke sgt cite ni. Aku x suke sebab citenye pasal Vampire bercinte. Tgh jalan2 kat internet (manusia sekarang makin pemalas) aku jumpe satu forum pasal sorang peminat fanatik Twilight yg marah2 org yg x suke Twilight tanpe tgk movie atau bace novelnye dulu.

Kalau korang minat Twilight, aku nasihatkan x payah bace entry ni. Nanti korang benci aku plk. huhu.

Movienye aku tgk skali je, tp aku tertido separuh jalan. aku teringin gak tgk ape yg best sgt Twilight ni, so aku download e-booknye bulan lepas (download secare illegal, mane aku ade duit nk bayar!) baru ari ni aku habis bace. ni komen aku tentang kenape ramai x suke Twilight.

(Peminat Twilight, kalo korang nk bace jgk, sila open minded sikit, jgn marah aku...)

1. Care penulisan. Aku bukanla hebat sangat dlm english literature ni, sastera melayu pun aku x pass. Tapi orang macam aku pun boleh nampak silap Stephenie Meyer ni.

Antarenye, dia gune verb sepanjang mase. Contoh:
"It was seventy-five degrees in Phoenix, the sky a perfect, cloudless blue."
Aku pun boleh nampak salah dia. Grammar nazi yg lain lg la nampak.

Dia asyik gune suare pasif. Contoh: 
"I was wearing my favorite shirt — sleeveless, white eyelet lace; I was wearing it as a farewell gesture."

Lepas tu, yg aku paling menyampah, dia letak banyak sangat tanda sempang (-) sampai ayatnye jd x munasabah. Contoh:
"Bella," my mom said to me — the last of a thousand times — before I got on the plane.
Cam care penulisan orang tergesa2... 
Banyak sangat adjektif, aku menirap giler. Contoh:
"I loved Phoenix. I loved the sun and the blistering heat. I loved the vigorous, sprawling city."

Yang paling sedih, Meyer x tau gune paragraph. Entah berape byk chapter ntah aku bace cume gune 1 or 2 paragraph je. Panjang giler.
Also, it moves SO slowly! Too many boring useless parts. Ok, aku mengaku, I read the books and liked them (tp x gile2), but didn't really like the plots. Alot of the parts make you want to keep reading and find out what happens next, even if the writing style sucks.
2. BELLA SWAN. Aku x suke betul ngan karekter Bella. Sebab? She whined about everything and anything. She thinks of everybody as garbage and complains to the readers every freaking time. She complains about being popular at school, I mean who does that? 
And there are lots of times I thought Bella was just plain stupid. It's like, "OMG I have these two awesome guys fighting over me who do I choose FML!!!". Bella is dull. She's also the weakest character lead ever. She faints all the time and for stupid reasons. How can someone like that be a lead?
Oh, and Bella has no actual personality flaws. But the "flaws" are used to make her look cute. What the hell? Lagi satu, aku x paham kenape sume laki kat skola suke Bella? maybe dia cantik, tp kalo asyik komplen 24/7, x annoying ke?
Lepas tu ade bits yg Edward tinggalkan Bella, she's so sad that she wanted to kill herselt, but she think better of it and she started hitting on Jacob and made him think she was really into him but then Edward comes back she leaves him in the dust.WHAT MAKES SHE THINK SHE'S SO SPECIAL?

Also, Jacob-Edward-Bella is just not good. She can't be in love with both of them, it's just not fair to anyone. It's so mean of Meyer, she could have made Jacob just have a crush on her, and the Renesmee imprinting thing is gay, SO GAY.
Senang cakap, BELLA IS EXTREMELY EXTREMELY annoying and whiny. She wants everything her way, and she gets it, because Edward is too soft to her. Edward, I hate his characteristic too, but I'd get to that later. 
LOTR vs Harry Potter vs Twilight

3. Stephenie Meyer knows nothing about Vampires. Twilight sissified the way people look at vampires and werewolfs.... Come on la, why can the vampires be in direct sunlight? I kind of get that they can go out when it's overcast, but they can't go in direct sunlight because they gonna frigging sparkle? I know every vampire movie kind of moves the rules around, but the one rule they all have (except Twilight) is that sunlight turns vampires to ash! Come to think of it, the only vampire rule Twilight follows is that vampires need blood.

They don't turn into bats, crosses don't work. Wooden stake, you wish. Garlic? You could stand there with garlic around your neck and one of these buggers will bend you over and suck the blood out of your neck. And they don't sleep in coffins lined in taffata. Sunlight turns them into a glitters. The 'only' way of killing vampires is veeery stupid. If you cut a vampire to pieces and set it on fire, it would be the same ashes as if you set a whole vampire on fire. I could understand if the only way was to cut it to pieces...sort of. But seriously, it ruined everything.

4. Edward Cullen. He is a useless paedophile, who watched Bella sleep all night when he figured out he liked her. He can't pick a freaking personality. Apparently he loves Bella because she smells nice. Oh, and he's such an antisocial, overprotective lad. He treats Bella like she's all his, and nobody else matters. He is also very self-satisfying. He dates Bella, knowing there's an extremely high risk of him killing her, but does it anyway... And no plot after that. Um, the consequence?

Basically, an awkward girl gets some hot dude with super powers who can protect her from anything. The book mentions how Edward looks like for about 200 times. Skali je cukupla, reader ni bukan pelupe sgt. Its Mormon propaganda. Its misogynist. Edward treats Bella like badly, and Bella seems to like it. Duh.

5. Bende pasal paranormal ni (vampire, werewolf) x membantu plot langsung. If you take out the 'paranormal' then the story stays nearly exactly the same. Just make Edward Cullen flighty with deep set emotional issues and you can write paranormal out of the whole damn series. (Although I don't think Meyer could write any character as anything. She's already proven that).

Aku mintak maaf byk2 pade korang yg minat Twilight. Ni cume pendapat aku.

Pade yg belum bace Twilight, x payah la bace. Tgk movie je cukup, lg puas kot.

Senang cakap, this story seems to be built on cliches of teenage angst and romance. Nothing in the story is original at all. There is also no real suspense or conflict. When I first heard about it, I thought it would be about a male vampire who seduces a human girl into allowing him to feed on her. That would actually be a thrilling story that I might want to read, but no, of course not...it was just another modern-day Romeo & Juliet with different character names and settings, with "Oh, I'm a vampire, he's a werewolf" mixed into it.

Cube korang bandingkan ape yg korang pikir lepas tgk Twilight n Harry Potter.

Lepas Harry Potter: I want to be brave like Harry, smart like Hermoine, etc.
Lepas Twilight: Nak boyfriend hensem! Nak popular!


Sori aku pakai banyak bahase inggeris, sebab aku nk share bende ni dgn member FP dr Indon n Singapore (kawan dunis realiti x ramai, kawan internet ramai. FOREVER ALONE)

Ni hanye pendapat aku. Jgn marah, pada korang yg suke cliche, cheesy lines or lelaki2 hensem,  mesti korang suke Twilight. Tapi kalo korang memang peminat vampire, korang akan rase kecewe. tu je nk ckp.



Dakara said...

honestly, aku tak ade la minat sehabis fanatic dekat twilight tu. cerita dia memang totally ridiculous, n aku admit yg aku sendiri rasa menyampah dengan bella yang langsung tak independent tu.

tapi, aku pun tak tahu kenape aku tengok cerita tu. hahahh~

SaLbiahRAWR said...

memang aku sakit hati gile dgn bella... ntah watak utame jenis ape ntah, keje dye cume komplen je. tu pun "hottest guys" nk kat dye. hahaa.

jgn terase / marah eh, ni cume perbincangan aku ngan dua org bdk indon kt forum. kitorang nk compete sape buat blog novel review yg best. hahaahaa