01 March 2013

(OFF TOPIC) Just Ask

Once upon a time, there were three leaves that fell from the same tree, although all were different. One was a heart-shaped tilia leaf, one was an oak leaf, and one was a cedar leaf. The oak leaf fell in Autumn and drifted downwards until he landed in the ocean, where stormy waters tattered him and calm waters soothed him

The cedar leaf fell in Summer and he landed in long green grass, where the sun warmed him and the dew cooled him.

However, the heart-shaped tilia leaf fell in February on a strange, windy day with moody skies and sunshowers. And the wind picked him straight up and carried him away. He skimmed over water and brushed through long grass, until the wind picked him up higher and higher. Then he flew past the treetops, past houses, past steeples and kites. There he met bird, a raven, who asked him where he was going.

He said he did not know, so the raven picked him up and flew higher and higher with him, towards the setting sun.

The tilia leaf had aways looked downwards on his tree and had never seen the night sky before. The raven asked him if he wanted to see the stars.

No, the tilia leaf said.

So the raven dropped him and the leaf fell away into darkness.

It is easy to see why the raven dropped him but not easy for the tilia leaf. The tilia leaf did not know what a star was and was afraid to say yes.

So the tilia leaf fell into darkness and far out of reach of star and bird.


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OhMyEnglishing!! nak kne guna gugel translator ni =.='