01 March 2013

(OFF TOPIC) Short story: Kisses On the Neck

I lay in the alleyway, panting hard. My hands clutch at the cold, stone wall, but I can't get the strength to stand. It's raining, hard, and if I don't get up soon, I'll freeze to death. It's dark, and the shadows dance blearily in front of my eyes. I only had one drink. I guess it was spiked.

I rest my head on the cold ground, trying to clear my thoughts. Someone's bound to come down here at some point, whether because they're looking for me or because they need somewhere to fuck their whore. It doesn't really matter, does it? I try to cry out for help, but I can't get enough air in my lungs.

I can feel my consciousness start to slip. I screw up my eyes, hard, against the rain, and fight desperately to stay awake, because I know that I probably won't wake up again. I feel tears of despair sting my eyes, but they're not going to do any good, so I brush them away hastily and set about once again trying to pull myself up.

Then, at the end of the alley, I see a new shadow just where I could see the street. I look towards it, hoping, knowing, that it's someone who'll help me. With that surge of energy, I force myself onto my knees, feeling my head spin horribly and my stomach lurch.

The shadow moves closer. They've seen me, thank God. I lean against the wall, still attempting to stay awake, and pray that they really have seen me, because I can't last much longer. I need to get out of here.

The shadow moves closer still. As it moves nearer, I can make out its features more specifically. It's a man, with shoulder length, straggling hair. At first I don't recognise him. Maybe he's just a curious stranger who thought he saw something move down here.

Then he comes closer still, and the face looms into view.

I scream weakly.

It's Ryan.

Ryan, the guy who I was in love with.

Who I thought loved me.

Who is a vampire.

"Hello, Jessie," he whispers. I only just hear his voice above the rain. I want to reply, to shout out, something, but I have no strength left in me. He comes closer.

"No..." I mouth, though no air comes out. I slide down the wall as if to escape from him, but before I know it he's standing above me, and I can make out his grin in the moonlight.

"What? You were never so afraid before, Jess," he drawls, seeing the fear in my eyes. He kneels down onto the ground, and though it's raining as hard as ever he doesn't seem to be wet. I clutch at my chest as though I can protect myself that way.

He leans closer still. His hot breath ghosts my cheek.

I can't move away.

"Don't be scared..."

I yell breathlessly.

His soft, full lips touch mine for the briefest moment, and I feel something in my stomach which is a mixture between terror and euphoria. His hand pulls my hair back from my face. From my neck.

Then he takes hold of my shoulders with his strong hands, and moves his head so his mouth hovers over my neck.

I cant even lift my hands to push him away.

He places his lips on the artery running through my neck.

He kisses.

I moan deleriously.

He sucks.

I screw my eyes shut in confused pleasure.

He bites.

I scream.

I scream so loudly that lights flick on in houses nearby.

And then all the lights go out.


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