01 March 2013

(OFF TOPIC) The Werewolf Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there was a strange little world which had no light and all the occupants lived in darkness. In this dark world there were three brother wolves: Bene, Vikt and Cygnus. One day when the brothers were out hunting they found a young princess weeping by a fir tree, for she was lost and did not know the way home.

The brothers felt sorry for her and offered to lead her home. "For we can see easily into the darkness," they said, "and we promise not to harm you."

The princess was very frightened but the wolves kept their promise and delivered her safely to her father, the King, who was very grateful. "I must repay you," he said to the wolves.

"Tell me," he asked Vikt, the oldest, "what do you desire the most?"

"I desire gold and topaz," Vikt said. "Their colour is bright and brings warmth to my heart."

So the King created the sun. "The sun will bring warmth and is far brighter than any gold I can offer," he said. "But every twelve hours, the sun must rest a while before rising again."

Next, the King asked Bene what his heart's desire was.

"I desire silver and diamonds," Bene replied, "for they are beautiful and their coolness soothes my mind."

So the King created the stars. "The stars are more beautiful than any diamond I can offer," he said, "but during the day they will fade because the sun will diminish their loveliness."

The King then looked at Cygnus and said, "What do you desire, littlest wolf? What pretty trinkets does your heart yearn for?"

But Cygnus shook his head. "All I wish for is a companion, for my brothers rarely talk to me and I grow lonely."

"Very well," said the King. "I grant you the company of my daughter, the princess."

"But she is human," Cygnus said. "She will not desire a wolf companion."

"Ah," said the King. "And you are right. So you shall be a human." He clapped his hands once and Cygnus instantly became a handsome youth. "Beware, every twenty-nine days," the King warned, "you will revert to wolf-form. But I will give you a companion during this time, so you may not feel too lonely." And he created the moon to keep Cygnus company in wolf-form.

And so the brother wolves lived. Cygnus had the princess and the moon, Vikt had the sun and Bene the stars. And it was generally agreed that Cygnus had the two most beautiful things of all.


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